AJ Stuyvenberg

Engineering Lead at Datadog
(ex) Principal Software Engineer at Serverless.
NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Serverless and Elasticsearch developer.
Avid parachutist, hiker, dog-lover.
Wisconsin native, now in Boston

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Ice Cold Starts

Understanding the various types of cold starts in Lambda - 9 minutes

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Stream your data!

Leveraging DynamoDB streams to improve your API performance and service reliability - 8 minutes

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The what, why, and when of Mono-Lambda vs Single Function APIs

An analytical comparison of two common API patterns in Lambda - 8 minutes

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Serverless at (Team) Scale

Reduce complexity, cognitive load, and deployment times by splitting cloud infrastructure from lambda code, using CloudFormation Outputs to share resources, and use SSM to play nice with Terraform and other IaC tools. - 8 mins

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Developing against the Cloud

Stop emulating, start developing with real cloud services - 5 minutes

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How to pass a SQS URL to a Serverless Function

Easily pass an SQS URL to your serverless function - 2 minutes

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